Where are you located?

the studio address is 5122 Woodlawn ave N Seattle WA 98103. We are located on the corner or Woodlawn and 52nd in a 1920s brick building. We have designated client parking right in front of our entrance – no need to park on the street. Sessions are by appointment only.

(shown above, client seating area and some of the many props Emily uses during newborn sessions)

When should I have maternity photos taken?

Emily recommends 32-36 weeks gestation but anytime after 32 weeks is appropriate.

How do you get babies to sleep in all those poses?

Homeopathic chamomile and liquid melatonin… totally kidding! The secret is a very well fed baby and a very warm room. Emily keeps the studio at about 80* during the session. Emily is also a professional baby whisperer.

Will you come to my home to do the photos?

Yes, for a fee based on travel distance – please inquire. However, Emily encourages newborns to come to the studio because of the sheer volume of lighting equipment and props. When setting up sessions in a client’s home it usually requires rearranging a lot of furniture and it limits the number of props that can be used. In addition you will need to crank you heat up for 4-6 hours before the session. The studio is cozy and comfortable. We provide light refreshments and a comfortable couch from which to view the session. You can also browse though albums and product samples while you watch the session.

Can my husband/partner/other child(ren) participate in the maternity session?

Yes, this is highly encouraged Emily loves working dads and your children into the images.

Can I bring my other child(ren) to my newborn’s session ?

Absolutely, older siblings are always welcome and we can incorporate them into the session as much or as little as you would like

Can grandparents participate in the newborn session?

Yes, if you wish them to pop into a few photos this is always an option.

Do you provide the props shown on your website?

Yes! Emily has a massive collection of props, blankets, and newborn hats that she uses during her sessions. If you wish to bring something of your own to the session you are more than welcome but do not feel obligated.

(Shown above, some of the numerous props Emily has available for sessions)

Can I incorporate a special blanket or family heirloom or my own prop into our newborn’s photos?

Yes, please let Emily know when you book your session and bring it to your newborn session

How does booking a newborn session work?

Clients pay the session fee and books ahead of time, we mark your due date on our calendar and save space for you in the weeks prior and after your due date. Once your little one arrives you call and set up your session. If your little one is already here please call or email we can most likely squeeze you in!

I prefer to do outdoor pregnancy photos is that a possibility?

Yes, in the warmer drier moths of the year Emily does on location maternity sessions at the beach or local parks. If this is your preference please state so when booking.

What kind of birth announcements/cards to you make? Can I see some samples?

All announcements are custom designs and Emily has a bunch of physical examples in the studio for clients to look through.

Are you current on your vaccines?

Yes! Emily loves to travel internationally and in the developing world and is current on even some of the more obscure vaccine preventable diseases. Her last Tdap (DTaP booster updated every 5 years) was 11/2010. Emily does her best to maintain a clean and healthy environment; handwashing multiple times per session, disinfecting her camera, and washing every blanket/prop a baby uses between sessions with extra hot water. If you or your baby/child has special health concerns please make sure and mention it before your session.

How do you swaddle a baby so they stay swaddled?

This is a question typically asked during/after the session when a client sees Emily swaddle a baby. Like most things it becomes second nature after you have done it a million times. Emily does have some tips for new parents and created this video to demo her technique.