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15 Weeks

I tried all day today to think of some more funny confessions but I think I used them all up last week. At this point I think any confessions would just scare you, but I will still try to think of some for next week. Right now our baby is the size of an apple – about 6 inches long (from head to toe) and 2.5 ounces (so lets say a small apple). After several attempts I decided it would be best if our weekly belly photo did not include my face. It’s too hard to take a picture of yourself and make sure that clothing is positioned nicely, body position is good, the lighting is perfect, the settings are right, and make sure that I am not blinking or making some other ridiculous expression. I settled for just a picture of the bump.  Last weekend wiped me out and I feel like I need another weekend to recover. Of course when I have no energy Simon is exploding with energy out of every pore so right now I am just grateful that Myles is wrestling some of that pent up energy out of him. Hopefully soon this nasty weather will pass and we can get back outside.

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  1. Susie

    You look gorgeous. Cutest bump the world has ever seen. 🙂

  2. Hayven

    Yes, I agree Susie – Great bump. and can I again say I am really digging your hair right now. the length is good, great really and love the hair in the picture!