Simon’s first 2 months

This is a little video montage that Myles worked very hard to put together. He is teaching himself imovie, and I think he is doing a great job.
The song is “Eyes” by Rogue Wave, It was one of the songs that I listened to while in labor. We have come to think of it as Simon’s song.

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  1. Abbey

    Oh Emily, what a precious thing to have Simon “documented” in film too… Great job Miles!

  2. Kay Weaver

    I love it! Myles had a hard subject to film but you captured his first two months beautifully. It had me smiling a lot. We expect more!!

  3. Hey there! Welcome to imovie! We love it too:) Nice job. My favorite movie I did was “Ready, Set, Doe” did you ever see it? I have the link to all our movies on our blog. That was a VERY powerful beginning and i love the audio fading in and out and very special moments. Nice work!

  4. Jessie Tripp

    Hey Emily,
    I found your blog. It’s great, probably the best one I have ever seen. You are a great photographer. I added a link on my blog. You can check mine out if you want at
    -Jessie Tripp