No, we have not forgotten our cousins…

Chanda told me that now that I have my own little model I will not be needing to borrow hers any more. This is absolutely not true. I need a girl fix every once in a while and sometimes it is nice to work with a subject that can take direction (unlike Simon, Elle will now go stand where I ask her)
So here she is. It was bitterly cold so she didn’t get to wear the cute outfit that I had planed for her but maybe next time.

she is into this serious moody stuff and would not smile for me no matter how silly I was.


She loves Simon (baby Si as she calls him). The pictures were taken on Saturday, she came over because her big sisters both had softball games. She was so sweet with Simon, and played with him in his bouncy seat. When he began to fuss she said “baby sad” and went and got his pacifier and put it in for him – too cute.

Everyone mistakenly thinks that Elle and her sisters are my nieces, in reality they are my first cousins once removed. Their dad is my first cousin (our moms are twins). That makes Elle and Simon second cousins, which I think is pretty cool because I have never met any of my second cousins and I didn’t grow up around any extended family.  Simon doesn’t have any first cousins (yet) but at least Simon will grow up around Elle and since we are also neighbors they will be in school together. Simon also has his second cousin Natalie (who is 3) she wanted to take Simon home with her the last time she came over : )

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