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Talia {day 14}

I think she is saying “this is getting boring mom!”

and Myles has been asking me to do a side by side photo of Simon and Talia as newborns. So here is one of Talia (left) and Simon (right). Talia is a lot bigger than Simon was. She was a pound and a half bigger than him at birth and she has lost less weight and put more on faster than he did (probably because I am a lot better at nursing this time around). So her face is fuller and arms and legs chunkier. It will be very intersting to see what growth pattern she follows because until recently Simon has been in the bottom percentials for weight (4% – 15%) and like 80-90% for height. At his last check up he was 40% for weight and 85% for height. I think Talia will be much more average.

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  1. I love the side by side. I have seen several photos where I see Talia looking like her big brother.

    Is it hard as a photographer to compare back a few years? i.e. you wish you had done things differently, or your skills have progressed and you would like to go back and adjust your technique?

  2. Laura Archey

    how do you make it have a black background like that? sorry, I dont know anything about photography, and I am trying to learn, that looks really stunning….

  3. Wow, what beautiful babies you have!