Cut loose!

Isn’t it so sweet when you can tell that siblings really love each other? These too remind me of my brother and myself when were younger. Only I think we fought a lot more! right Mark?  Happy Birthday little bro! … Continue reading

Dr. Melissa

This post has been a long time coming… My best friend form college (Melissa Skaugset) is in her 4th year of med school and is on rotation at Children’s hospital is Seattle. She has been living with us this month … Continue reading

Back from Baltimore!

I just returned from Jodie Otte’s Studio Lighting Naturally workshop. It was amazing! Jodie is one of my photography idols, I have followed her work for years so it was a real treat for me to actually get to meet her … Continue reading

Simon Eats!

Last week we decided to let Simon finally try some real food. He’s 7 months old and I have been holding out based on our pediatrician’s recommendation. Everything I have read also states that there is no advantage to starting … Continue reading


This little guy just wore me out! It was a warm day and after running after him all over the park we were all hot and sweaty. However, he was a real joy to photograph because he was so happy … Continue reading

Camping fun!

Taken last weekend at South Whidby island state park. Simon’s first ferry ride. I don’t think he even noticed that he was on a boat! Little Evie (pictured above) gave of all a good scare when she went missing for … Continue reading