more trouble

We are going out of town for a few days and I have been working like a mad woman to try in get caught up on tons of proofing and ordering I am just wrapping up and I went looking … Continue reading

Murphy’s Law

You should never write on your blog that you think you are getting over morning sickness or that the worst has passed because with out fail you get much much sicker the following day. That’s exactly what happened to me, … Continue reading

Our Baby at 12 weeks

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We had our 12 week prenatal appointment on Tuesday. I always look forward to my appointments, I love my midwives! I especially like the 12 week appointment because you get to hear the babies heartbeat with the Doppler for the … Continue reading

Happy Easter!

My little man in his Sunday best! He picked out this outfit himself. He liked the pink shirt and the “striped” tie (as he called it).  This morning when I got dressed I put on my new argyle sweater and … Continue reading