Simon goes camping…

and gets rained out…

Not a great weekend to forget the rain fly… Note the make shift rain fly – it is actually one of those canopies that you put over your picnic table only we had to use it on our tent. And yes Simon is crying in that picture. He had it with the rain!

Can I just say that all my friends are a bunch of flakes! We had this very nice group camping trip planned and in the end only the Gilbert’s showed up. True it rained with no chance of let up and we scraped the whole thing after one night away from home but at least we tried!

Eli is in a phase right now where he avoids cameras at all cost. So now it is a game for me to try and take his photo.

gotcha! (taken from across the fire so it looks, well, smoky)

You may remember Myles cooking pancakes  last year. Well we discovered and wonderful new product that fixed our camping cooking woes. Oh the wonders of food science that have brought us….

Pancakes in a Can! and organic none the less!
Simply squirt them on to the griddle and presto! perfect pancakes! No batter to mix, no bowl or utensils to clean up! And they taste great too. I hate washing dishes and I really hate washing dishes while camping so anything that eliminates dish washing gets 5 stars in my book. Normally we try to avoid highly processed foods like this but who are we kidding here when your camping you get to eat all kinds of junk (hot dogs, smores, trail mix, jerky, etc) and based on the ingredient list these are actually healthier less bad for you then the traditional krusteezs mix we use while camping.  So if you don’t mind paying for ridiculously overpriced pancakes just for the convenience of having them in a spray can go ahead and give them a try! Maybe next they will come out with some whole wheat ones.      

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  1. haha….I laughed out loud over the pancakes and Simon’s crying photo:) Since we are toying with camping this weekend, I have to admit I am with ya completely on the pancake batter in a can! For camping…perfect. Otherwise, we’ll pass!

  2. Ew, is all I have to say about the pancakes. We’re going camping this weekend. Wanna join us?

  3. Amy

    Speaking as a Food Scientist you are welcome : )

  4. Cara Feneis

    I LOVE the batter in a can idea! where did you find it?