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Owl Baby – Halloween 2009





(I told him to flap his wings)


(screech owl!)

Whenever I have an idea for a costume there is never a pattern for what I envision. So I just end up making up the costume. This results in me making a lot of mistakes and having to buy a lot of extra fabric to compensate. I wanted Simon to be an owl last year but gave up and went with turtle when I couldn’tΒ  think of a way to make an owl costume nor find a pattern that would work. This year I just went for it. I had to cut out the body 3 different times and ending up sewing two different versions before I got to this version. Then I was a little worried that people wouldn’t know what he was but everyone who say him at the park today recognized right away that he was an owl.Β  And Simon loves the costume, which is a huge surprise since he screamed every time I tried it on him and I had to bribe him with a piece of candy to get him to put it on and go to the park. He really thinks the padding in it is funny and quickly learned that he could run into things with his padded belly and he kept running into me on purpose. Only at one point I was trying to take his photo and heΒ  ran smack into my camera lens – which hurt! and has now resulted in a circular bruise on his face (you can see it starting to form in some of the photos). He cried when I had to take the costume off him to put him in his car seat. I think this year is going to be fun trick-or-treating. Simon already knows how to say “trick-or-treat”. At first he would only say “Want a treat!” but now we have “trick or treat” down.Β  I have also been practicing with him trying to get him to say “WHO! WHO!” on command (so far no luck). If there are any other owl babies out there please send me a photo of your costume as I would love to see what you came up with.

have a happy Halloween everyone!

P.S. if you want to see Simon’s Halloween costume from last year (and how much he has grown) here is the turtle baby.

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  1. Amazing Emily! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Simon makes the best owl!

  2. Awesome costume! I’m glad Simon likes it.

  3. OMgoodness, I’m in love with this costume!!! and Simon is such a “hoot” to watch play around in it πŸ™‚

  4. Kay Weaver

    Oh, just so cute. I was surprised too about his joy at wearing the costume. He looks like he’s very pleased to be an owl.

  5. cheryl

    Emily, this costume is insanely amazing!

  6. oh my gosh! once again – over the top – AMAZING! cute pics, yes i did notice the camera mark on the face before you mentioned it. lol. too cute!

  7. Amazing costume! And so much work. Great job!

  8. Nikki

    holy cow! you are amazing! this is absolutely adorable.

  9. Amy

    amazing emily, simply amazing!

  10. OMword Emily–You need to enter this into a contest somewhere!!!! AHHHH mazing!

  11. Emily…this is UNREAL girl. WOW…you are beyond amazing. (bowing)

  12. OMG!! That is seriously the cutest costume I have EVER seen and the shots are perfection πŸ™‚

  13. Fun costume and fun photos! My favorite is the one in which Simon is sitting amongst the leaves on the log…

  14. This costume is perfect! I’ve been looking everywhere for a cute owl costume for my little guy, or a good pattern and as you know they don’t exist. I’ve been wanting to make my own and was searching for ideas, this is great. You did a beautiful job πŸ™‚ I’ll be happy if mine turns out half as good, I’m not the most skilled seamstress πŸ˜‰ Your photography and your little man are gorgeous.

  15. how long did it tke you to make this?

  16. Kathy

    Did you have a pattern for this or did you free hand it? It is gorgeous!!!