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One tough little cookie

This Carson Jared at 8 days old. At 3 days old he had brain surgery.
Carson is the first son of Myles’ long time friend Jared. Jared and Myles met on the first day of Kindergarten almost 23 years ago. I photographed Carson last week while in Idaho. He had just come home from the hospital in Salt Lake.

He is the sweetest little baby and has had to endure a lot but he is quite the little trooper.

As of his last pediatrician appointment he’d gained back up to his birth weight and his incisions are almost healed.

We are hoping to make another trip back to Idaho in November after the birth of Greg and Stephanie’s baby. If we do go I look forward to seeing this little guy again and taking more photos.

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  1. God bless this beautiful baby.

  2. Kay Weaver

    You did a great job of capturing this precious little one’s new birth. Carson is a special gift to his parents and grandparents and all who come to know him.