Self Portrait

Over at two peas we are having a self portrait challenge. I don’t normally like being on the other side of the camera but since my current profile picture is more than a year old it is about time for an update.

Over the last three days I took 65 pictures of myself, and that doesn’t even count the ones that I deleted immediately. During this process I realized two things. 1) taking a decent picture of yourself is really hard 2) I badly need a hair cut.

Out of 65 photos I have come up with two photos that I like. And since you, friends, family, and blog readers, are the ones who have to look at it for the next year I am going to let you have the final say. So with out further delay here are the two finalist.




and this next one was a close call because Simon is so cute but my cheesy smile is exactly why I hate having pictures of myself taken.


In this photo I am wearing Simon in my homemade Mei Tai. If you want to make one of your own the pattern can be found here.

and since I have a sense of humor and I can laugh at myself I will share a few of the outtakes.

I know that often my clients wonder about the images from their session that I don’t show them – they think I am holding out on them. Well here is a prime example of the photos that I don’t show.


Myles calls the image on the far right my “crack mama” photo. I don’t have a remote so in order to take a self portrait I have to set the timer and then RUN! sometimes I don’t make it, sometimes I am just slightly disheveled.



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  1. I JUST LOVE the one of him on your back, your smile is genuine not cheeseY! and you are gorgeous. i think you should use that one!!!!!! he is the cutest baby boy i have ever seen!

  2. Wow- the lighting on these is gorgeous. I love them, outtakes included! I love the baby wearing ones so much because I actually bought some slings to use for this next baby of mine…yours are very stylish.
    Did you make both of them or just the mei tai?
    I voted for the second one for an avatar.

  3. Sophia

    I think both of the two choices are beautiful! i was going to vote for one, but couldn’t decide.
    PS i thought the “crack mama” photo was cool! i like the slightly messed up hair. it says, “being a great mom, i don’t have time to fix my hair. deal with it!!” ha ha ha

  4. Susie

    I actually really like the photo of you and Simon with your homemade Mei Tai. Your smile doesn’t look cheesy at all. It looks more natural if anything. That’s the way you smile if you’re not thinking about it. Gorgeous!

  5. Jessie Tripp

    You look awesome in red. I love the “crack mama” photo too, it’s soo serene.

  6. I love them both but I really like the one with the black shirt. I think it is very classy and professional looking. Personal I love the out takes very funny. The crack mama one, one of my favorites. Isn’t it true that sometimes you just feel like that at the end of a hard day, and here you have a picture to show it 😉 Hope all is well. Ian and V are coming this way in July it would be great if you could travel over and we could have a little get together!!