She thinks her name is “Elle Belle”

Chanda (her mom) told me that the other day they showed her a picture of herself and ask he who it was and she responded “Elle Belle!” It is true, everyone does call her that a lot, myself included. In actuality her name is Gabrielle but she is only called that when she is in BIG trouble.

Lately she has become completely immune to my camera. She ignores me completely. I only get passing glances like the one above. And you can forget a smile. I am usually pretty good at getting kids to laugh and smile. Usually the fake vomiting, or the animal sounds will do it. I however, could not crack her.

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One Comment

  1. Sophia

    what a cute girl!
    have you tried making a fishy face? suck your cheeks into your mouth between your teeth real tight and then pucker your lips like you’re eating fish food… 🙂