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Isn’t she beautiful?

Many of you will recoginze my dear friend Hayven. She is my neighbor and her daughter Ivy was born two weeks before Simon and Simon and Ivy are good pals. Last night Hayven came over and we took some belly pics. Then she asked me for “some of that tea that starts labor” I said “you mean red leaf raspberry tea? it’s doesn’t start labor it’s just supposed to strengthen and bring contractions closer together” But maybe it does start labor because 6 hours later her husband called me to come meet them at the birth center nd 1 hour later their beautiful baby girl was born! So I am posting these images a day to late but she is still radiantly beautiful! More photos of baby coming soon.

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  1. Laurin Shortt

    Absolutely Gorgeous…and a Fantastic Mama too!!! You captured it..keep up the good work.

  2. KaraRL

    Oohhhhh…love that light in the bottom two! She’s beautiful!