What we do on cold rainy days…

On cold rainy days we like to go to the indoor playground at Seattle Gymnastics Academy. It’s a great way for toddlers to work off some pent up energy and climb run and jump with almost no restrictions.

recently Simon has been into these parallel rings. He jumps off the stack of foam in the background and swings back and forth, back and forth until he can’t hold on anymore and has to drop on to the mat. He has a big grin on his face the entire time.

My whole life people have made fun of the way I walk/run.

unfortunately for Simon he may have inherited my funny gait.

At least he is having fun!

The foam pit – it’s like quick sand!

until next time!


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  1. Auntie Leigh

    Great pix Emily, He’s growing so much. That precious face!! OXOXOX

  2. Kay Weaver

    Our little Olympian!

  3. Linda Holland

    These are wonderful shots Emily! Simon is a doll, and this place looks like incredible fun. You should offer to advertise for them, for a fee! BTW, I love your pics of Olive and family!

  4. oh man…city life. This looks AWESOME. Great photos!

  5. Is it really crowded there? We’ve tried to go to the open play at our local gym and there were too many big kids for Moira to be able to do anything.

  6. Love all those colors and the joy that he’s obviously having!

  7. My girls just started gymnastics and Julia looks pretty much like Simon, blissfully happy, every time we go–so fun!