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Proud Member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers!

Check it out! I’m the featured photographer over at birthphotographers.com

I am really excited about this website created by Lyndsay Stradtner, it’s a resource for expectant parents and photographers. The website will help expecting parents find a birth photographer in their city/sate. This resource was so badly needed – just search “birth photographer” and see what I mean. I get emails from people asking me for referrals for a birth photographer near them and I just don’t have an extensive list so I am really excited about this directory. So photographers please join if you are already photographing births. And if you are an expectant parent looking for a birth photographer please check it out. The site also features birth related articles writing  on a wide range of topics, and there is a detailed Resource Center that can help you find a midwife, doula or birth center in your area.  You will also find a suggested reading list! This is a huge asset for the birth community!

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  1. Way to go, Featured Photographer! That’s awesome!