Jump Jump Jump!

Yes, we got a trampoline! As a child I always really really wanted one and my parents would never let us have one – they thought they were too dangerous. I vowed that I would never treat my own children so cruelly ; )

According to the foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure there were 11 deaths relating to trampoline use from 1990 to 1999. For the same time period there were 3967 general aviation fatalities. Just saying my parents fears might have been slightly misplaced since they were fine with the Cessna 177 but thought a trampoline was way too dangerous.  I don’t have statistics on the rate of injury by hours per use but when I look around a lot more people own trampolines than small aircraft.

Anyway I am really enjoying the trampoline as a way to burn off some of Simon’s excess energy. Any time I sit down he climbs on my back or tries to wrestle me. lately (being pregnant and all) I just don’t want anyone to touch me so instead I take him outside and bounce him for awhile.  With our little inflatable pool, the swing set, and now the trampoline I think our back yard is going to be the place to be this summer.

here is a video of my two goofballs.

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One Comment

  1. Love the photos of your son. I wish we had space for a trampoline in our backyard. My 3 boys would love it!