At the Zoo

We are having that typical Seattle spring where we will have a few days of nice weather and then it will be back to rain. The weather man was saying this week was going to be all rain so I wanted to take advantage of our last sunny day on Monday so we headed out to the zoo. We haven’t been in awhile and I was pleased to see that Simon enjoyed it so much. He requested specific animals and we spent an inordinate amount of time in the reptile house which is like 100 degrees – I wanted out of there so bad and he did not want to leave.

The penguins are still his favorite animal and he wants to see them first every time. Recently the zoo got a female jaguar and they are trying to mate her with the male. They were having their scheduled interaction time while we happened to be there and for a little bit I thought we might actually get to see SOMETHING but then they both settled down for a nap.

Anyway just a little snapshot from our week. I don’t really love taking photos at the zoo because I don’t have a massive zoom and everything that is not behind glass is usually pretty far away. Some day I will buy a huge zoom (probably the 70-200) and then I will get some Lion photos!

Until next time!


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One Comment

  1. We went to the zoo this week, too! It was a bit drippy but I was surprised how enjoyable and quiet it was despite the grey weather. We like the penguins too!