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20 Weeks – halfway there!

I can’t believe that we are already at 20 weeks! I feel like I am finally starting to enjoy this pregnancy though I have hit the very emotional mood swing phase. Just don’t say anything harsh to me or I am likely to cry, or just as likely to bite your head off for no reason. Sorry! I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants the other night and cried 3 times. Normally I am not one to cry during a movie – it takes a lot to make me cry (OK I did cry when Dumbledore died and I wasn’t pregnant when I read Half Blood Prince but I know a lot of people cried when that happened). But I digress, we had or 20 week ultrasound this morning (hence this week’s photo). The 20 week ultrasound is always an exciting milestone, you get to see your baby, and it actually looks like a baby! And if you choose you can find out the gender. Of course we are those weird people who don’t want to know the gender before the birth – so no, I still don’t know what we are having.  We took Simon with us to this appointment. I debated about whether or not to bring him, mainly because there are signs in the lobby of office stating that if you bring a young child you must have another adult present to supervise the child at all times, and to seriously consider the appropriateness of bringing a small child. I am sure they have had issues where moms come in alone and their 2 year old destroys the room while the sonographer is just trying to do his or her job, I’m sure toddlers are a nightmare for them. However,  I thought Simon would enjoy the experience and that it would make it more real for him. However, I think in actuality that we just confused him more. I prepped him ahead of time telling him that we were going to see a doctor and that the doctor was going to use a special camera to look inside mommy’s tummy and see our baby. We have talked to him a lot about the baby that is inside mommy’s tummy that is growing and growing and will one day soon come out. I think where he was confused is that in the ultrasound room they have a monitor above the exam table so that the mom (who is laying on her back) can view the baby and what is going on. I think Simon thought that our baby was somehow in the monitor (like a fish tank?) or at the very least going to make and appearance in real life. When the ultrasound first started we pointed out the monitor and said “see Simon, that’s our baby” his response… “I want to hold it!” and then later “It’s black and white” (I didn’t even know he knew what that was but apparently I talk about photography A LOT in front of him). Then the sonographer asked him if he thought he was going to have a baby brother or sister and Simon said “No, a baby alligator” Then he got bored and just played games on my cell phone until the Dr. came in to review the results with me. Simon was really put off by the fact that the Dr. was male. I didn’t realize that he had such a gender bias but he kept asking for the “Doctor Lady” we told him doctors could be men or women but apparently in Simon’s world I have only ever taken him to female medical practitioners so he thinks all medical personnel should be female? Later we told him that when he grew up if he wanted he could be doctor… he was quite for a long time thinking about that.  By the way everything is fine with the baby – everything looked totally normal – some might say perfect : )

So on to some photos.

this is the profile photo that I am holding in the above photo. The baby gave the sonographer fits getting good shots because he/she kept his/her arms up in front of his/her face almost the entire time.

Here you can see the hand on the forehead… I think it looks like someone is thinking hard!

and this is the 3D picture of the face, I always have thought that these 3D ultrasound photos are a little creepy but I actually think this is a pretty good face shot – looks a lot like Simon to me : )

One last thing… for fun, we have made a game out of guessing the baby’s gender and birthday.  The winner (most accurate guess on both accounts) wins a $25 Starbucks gift card. If you would like to enter the pool please do so here. If you are outside the U.S. you can also enter, I will mail you the card wherever. (our estimated due date is 10/25/10 if you were wondering)

until next time!

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  1. So fun! I love the 4D ultrasounds, you can just see so much detail to them.