Some people think I look like my dad…

well maybe…
Simon is officially out of newborn diapers now. We had our 3rd and final postpartum check up on Tuesday. I have to admit that I am a little sad that we will no longer be seeing our midwives until we get pregnant again (and may that be a long time from now).  We are both as healthy as can be. Simon weighed in at 10 lbs  12 oz. He has gotten quite a bit longer too and no longer fits on my lap  (length wise). And just look at that double chin and wrist rolls. He is getting so chunky!

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  1. Grow Simon, grow! I can see a lot of his daddy in him…but I see his momma too:) He is SUCH a cutie and beautiful skin!
    SO….how long is a long time until baby #2? What was your “plan”?:)

  2. Kay Weaver

    Hey and is that an almost smile?! He smiles for his grandma all the time now but of course I don’t hold a camera in front of him either.

  3. Such precious photos of an adorable baby.