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29 weeks

I am starting to run out of outfits! these are my real life clothes, I wore this all day and then just took the photo in it. I may need to do some goodwill shopping. I know a lot of people have wondered and asked about all of my outfits used in this photo series. The truth is that I have accumulated many over the years to use with clients. If you watch my maternity post you will likely see a lot of the outfits on clients. Especially the knit dresses because they always photograph so nicely and don’t need to be ironed. A lot of the nicer things I have worn in the series photos are also from my friend Danielle who loaned me all of her maternity clothing, and then there are a few things from when I was pregnant with Simon, and then like today’s outfit, comfortable clothes that I bought this pregnancy. Most of the clothes in my maternity photos are not maternity clothes¬† – I find that non maternity clothing actually shows off the bump better and is not so baggy. So anyway – the weeks are flying by I keep reminding Myles that in as little as 8 weeks we could potentially have a baby here. He doesn’t seem to have the urgency that I do to get things done around the house. I still have a lot of organization and cleaning that I want done and I would like to make some meals ahead of time and stock my freezer. Of course this necessitates cleaning my freezer because Myles exploded a fruit drink in there and it is all sticky (nice).¬† So that’s what I am up to these days. Taking lots of photos and cleaning and organizing.

until next time!


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  1. I love all of these images documenting your pregnancy…I wish I had done something like this! Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say I am so excited for you guys!