World’s cutest baby

Yes, I am aware that all moms think that their baby is the World’s cutest, however,  I think if you take a look that you will have to agree with me.


I love that he is smiling in this image.


I think that he has Myles temperament. He  is pretty laid back, observant, and just sweet as can be. That is until about 1am, which is his witching hour.


So far he is a really good eater.





More photos soon : )
I can’t stop taking pictures. Though it does prove to be a lot more challenging with my own child.

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  1. Emily, holy cow. he is so cute! The hospital shots are really good too. I don’t know how you made the lighting look so good in there. Great job, what a lucky kid to have his whole life documented like that.

  2. Sophia

    Yes, he is a beautiful baby! Great photos…

  3. Kay Weaver

    Oh, I love them all! It just makes you want to reach over and pick him up. I love the position of his hands in the second picture and that his eyes are so pensive in the fourth and last picture. You are capturing him beautifully even if it is difficult. Love, Grandma Kay

  4. Yeah, he’s the world’s cutest baby. I love the fourth picture. I think I’d have that poster-sized in my house. And look how happy he is, smiling already!

  5. these are amazing!!
    and congratulations!

  6. Oh my gosh, Emily, he is amazing! Your pictures, as usual, are amazing too! I’m so sorry we weren’t able to visit this week…it ended up being a crazy one. I’ll get in touch about next week. Can’t wait to meet Simon!