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Talia {Day 6}

This is going way too fast already! I wish I could freeze time.

Today, after our photo shoot with Renee,  we ventured out of the house for the fist time. I am really not a homebody and I think 5 consecutive days in the house is the longest I have ever spent at home, and it’s sort of been hard! Ironically the first place we visited after having a home birth was a hospital…When I found out I was pregnant with Talia I was overjoyed to find out that fellow photographer Julie Harrell was also pregnant. You might remember Julie and her 2 beautiful daughters as they featured in one of my first videos showing how I work. Initially Jewels and I had the same due date but hers was later moved back to 10/28. We made plans to photograph our babies together and we counted the days as our due dates passed. On the morning of 10/31 she gave birth to a 3rd beautiful baby girl, Juliet. If you want to see some great photos from Juliet’s birth you can do so on Renee’s blog (The Baker’s dozen). Unfortunately Juliet aspirated some meconium and had some breathing difficulties so she was transferred to Children’s hospital in Seattle. On Sunday night (10/31) I went to meet Juliet and visit Jewels. I planed to go back the next day but as you know I went into labor… Since then I have wanted very badly to go visit again and give Jewels a hug. So today that’s what we did. Well I should say I did. Talia stayed in the car with my mom. I just didn’t want to leave her at home since it takes me about 20 min to get to Children’s I didn’t know if I could make it there and back before she needed to eat again. It was a good call because I ended up nursing her in the car before leaving the hospital. Anyway I got to give Jewels a big hug and see beautiful Juliet again. She has a full head of beautiful dark brown hair. She is steadily improving but it looks like she has at least another week and she could really use your prayers. Having a newborn in the NICU is of course very stressful and it’s especially hard when that NICU is 2 hours from your home. All of us would really like to see Juliet get home, soon! As I sit here and write this I am very very grateful for my healthy baby who is asleep in my arms and I am praying that Juliet will soon be at home with her family where she belongs.

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  1. Kay Weaver

    Oh, I’m so excited to see what else you have to show us. I too am praying for Juliet’s return home and to be a healthy child who one day will play with Talia.

  2. Laura Archey

    awe, wow, its kinda rare to see them actually aspirate mec stained amniotic fluid. I mean, it happens, but usually there on a vent for a little bit afterwards, and it takes a while for the secretions to clear. The only reason why there’s mec in the amniotic fluid is because the baby is distressed for some reason, usually lack of oxygen, or is bradying or some manipulation that baby is not doing well with. Im sad to hear that mec stained amniotic fluid was the outcome…..never very good. I am curious what type of distress baby was in….

  3. Emily 🙂 These photos are, of course, so sweet and touching. She looks like Simon in that second one! Love the hat, she’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see her in person. Thanks for your support, snacks, encouragement, decorations 🙂 and the hugs!

  4. Erika McCann

    Just said a long prayer for baby Juliet! Thank you for supporting them and being a wonderful friend the NICU is a hard place to be!

  5. hayven allshouse

    Ah!! I love her. Seriously Emily. She is amazing – I think you may have found your muse!