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Christmas Friendship Dinner

Be prepared to see some bad photography and lots of snap shots

Every year the Church we attend holds a Women’s Christmas Friendship Dinner. This year Danielle talked me into hosting a table with her… ok she didn’t really have to do much talking she just asked me and I said “sure!” Since neither of us own china and it is a formal dinner we had to look to alternate sources. Aunt Faye was so generous as to lend us her precious china – even though she is currently in China and couldn’t even supervise us. (Don’t worry Aunt Faye we didn’t break anything!)  My mom was so gracious as to go to Aunt Faye and Uncle Eric’s house and retrieve the plates, cups, saucers, serving dishes and nearly all the flatware. Apologies to Grace who currently lives at Faye and Eric’s house and uses the flatware on a daily basis. (Grace – I hope you saw the note and didn’t think you had been robbed).

Here are the photos of our table – I really can’t take much credit as Danielle designed the centerpiece and and picked out the napkins and rings, chargers, and  ornaments. Actually all I did was show up with the china, table cloth, and runner (though I did make the runner 4 years ago).



This is Danielle setting up

I surprised her with my new way to make people smile – it involves a clown nose (see it works!)

we neglected to get a photo with all of our guest. By the time we remembered they had scattered. So here are some of our guest. I should have know better when Christina said she wanted to stand next to me so that she would look small. Oh my! I look like a beached wale standing next to my tiny friends. I have had to crop off the bottom of the photo. It also doesn’t help much that Ashley and I are standing about a foot closer to the camera than the others. (Yikes! my arm is the size of Christina’s head)

from left to right: Laura, Danielle, Christina, ME, Ashley

Me with my mom

the picture above is a lesson in photo basics – never have your short friend take a photo of you – always pick your tall friend – pictures of adults always look better angled down slightly. if you are short try standing on a chair or phone book.


sorry Ashley I also had to crop this photo my belly was disproportionately displacing your small frail body. I also never noticed before that you are a good 8″ shorter than me . You are going to have to be wearing platform shoes or stilts before I hand you my camera again.


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  1. Faye

    I recognize that table runner. Good choice. Your and Danielle’s table turned out beautifully. I love the center piece and the napkin’s displayed that way. Sorry about the flatware. Some day maybe there will be a good set to go with the dishes.

  2. Ashley

    Maybe next time you can give me a stepping stool or some phone books to stand on! Thanks for posting the pictures — that was a really fun night.