People like my Chili!

I am just bragging a little bit – this may not seem like a
big deal but it made me feel good. I have been getting recipes from for years but I have never submitted anything. Well last month
I got up the nerve and added my chipotle chili recipe. And guess what people
have really liked it – it has gotten 4 and 5 stars, and someone even made it
and took a picture of it.

Here is the recipe if you are interested in trying it. I
usually put it together in the evening before bed and then stick it in the
crock pot in the morning to cook all day while we are at work. For some reason
the 8 hours of cooking really makes the flavors come out. You can add more or
less chipotle peppers to taste.


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  1. We’ll have to try this soon! Looks like it’ll be super yummy! Thanks! And good for you to submit it…

  2. Faye

    Emily, this just confirms what we knew all along, You are an awesome cook! I saved this off to my personal recipes when I first saw it, just haven’t been home yet to cook it. Someday you will even write a cookbook! Neat comments that the readers posted.

  3. Grandma Ginger

    I’ll try it…Grandpa has been asking for chili beans…sent the recipe to Aunt Vauna, too.