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Happy 2011!

I’ not quite sure I am ready for 2011, this is all happening so fast! Among many goals I have this year one is to take more photos from our every day lives and compile them into a book at the end of the year. Actually I also want to compile my photos from at least the last 3 years into a book – this has been a goal for a while but I want to get 2008-2010 together ASAP, there is not a lot of point to taking photos only to have them sit on my hard drive. So with that thought I leave you with a photo from our Saturday night ritual, the Saturday night bath.

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  1. Holly

    blurb.com is where I create our annual photo book and I love how they turn out. totally customizable too! 🙂 Happy New Year.

  2. Kay Weaver

    I love his expressive eyes!

  3. I love how he loves getting right in the water. No fear whatsoever, and that’s so great. I’m sure Talia will not be too far behind. That’s a great goal to have BTW.

  4. Rane dae

    Simon has such a sweet smile! I’m also working to a goal of compiling the last three years for the exact same reason. Also, I want to write what I can remember from those times before too much time passes.