Well our two cedar trees are no more.
You may recall that last winter the top 30 feet of the west tree fell on our house during one of our storms. Technically these 2 trees are on a little strip of land owned by the county so we asked the county to please send an arborist to look at the tree and see if it was ill since the 30 foot section that fell seemed to diseased. Well almost a year later they finally got around to it and yes – both cedars were diseased and dying. So the county paid to have them cut down before they fell on our house.


here they are coming down



even though we were sad to lose the beautiful trees it looks like it was the right decision to have them removed. This is the stump of the west cedar   – you can see that the inside was rotting.

We told the county that they could leave the wood. Myles spent all day Saturday splitting it. What a chore! The county only cut the tree into round sections – most of the sections were 3 -4 feet in diameter and way to heavy to lift. Myles could barely move when he woke up this morning.



He estimates that we have about a chord and 1/2 of wood sitting in our front lawn. Now we just have to stack it.

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  1. Two bad my two boys weren’t there to help Myles split the wood 🙂 They even do it the old fashioned way…with a wedge and mallet.

  2. Kay Weaver

    Hey, you should have a stacking party! Although I’m leaving for Indiana. But many hands make quick work. You could have a Wienie Roast afterwards.