Ally in Action

I am still recovering from last weekend. Myles and I baby sat all three girls for the weekend while Sam and Chanda went to lake Chelan to celebrate their anniversary. Both Megan and Ally are in soccer this fall and both girls had their first games on Saturday. Myles took Megan to her game – I had a photo shoot so I missed it, but while Myles was at the Huskie v. Boise State game with his Dad I got to watch Ally play. This girl is all about soccer! She played goalie for a long time and she did a really great job – only let one goal by. Its actually pretty funny watching 6 and 7 year olds play soccer because they are still not horribly coordinated and every once in a while one of them will trip over the ball. They jsut get up and keep going. I have to say I am really proud of Ally, she did a great job.

I made the story board with the templates that I won from Renee Okenfull check them out

Here are a couple of the little stinker.
I was trying to get her to wear the sunglasses but she wasn’t interested. She likes to look at the photo on the LCD now.



Baby B is doing well now and kicking up a storm! I thought I was done with morning sickness but this morning I had to throw up out the car window while Myles was driving to work. I begged him to take the car through the car wash but thinks that car washes are bad for the cars paint and that its going to rain any way (don’t you think vomit stuck to the side of your car is also bad for the paint?)…. We have our first ultrasound on the 26th and I hope to be able to post the video here.

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