Simon learns to ride a bike

For Christmas Santa brought Simon a balance bike. And he has loved it and got quite good quite fast (he learned it in less than 6 months!). So we made a video of him riding… I dare say he has the balance thing down

He desperately wants a pedal bike now and I do think he could ride one so I bought a cheap kids bike off craigslist and took the training wheels off it and sat him on it. I was totally disappointed to find out that it’s about 4″ too tall and 5Xs too heavy. The thing is solid steal (as are most kids bikes) and it weights a ton. I think it’s probably heavier than my bike. That and it sits up way higher than the kaZam balance bike. It’s a 12″ bike (the smallest size) but his toes cannot reach the ground with the seat on the lowest setting and he is not able to lift the bike off the ground himself. No wonder kids don’t learn to ride a bike until age 5 or 6! I started doing some research looking for an aluminum frame kids bike and the only ones I can find are the Specialized Hotrocks that are about 3Xs the price that I paid for KaZam – yikes! I’m debating getting him one but for now we are sticking to the balance bike. I would like to point out there there is a gaping hole in the market for a less expensive aluminum frame kids bike. And since now it seems like every kid I see is on a balance bike I would guess that a 10″ pedal bike is in order. If your kid learned to ride a balance bike at 3 what did they transition to?

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One Comment

  1. we bought our 3 year old son a lighting mcqueen bike from target, it was only $60 and fits him perfect. He loves it!