1. Kay Weaver

    Darling pictures. I see Talia’s tooth! What a cute dress too, great colors. Simon is just so three. I hope he doesn’t loose his curls, it is so a part of his look. I love his big expressive eyes.

  2. Is that a tooth I see? Uncommon for that one to come in first! Such cuties!

  3. Kim

    The curls might not disappear when you next have it cut – my Nephew is 6-and-a-half now and his hair is as curly as it’s always been. In fact when he has it cut it generally makes the curls more evenly distributed over his head, rather than the weight making the curls fall more towards the ends. I can see why you’d be reluctant to risk it though, there’s something about curls on a little boy…I kind of hope Ryan never wants his hair cut short enough to loose them!!