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Welcome Harrison Taylor Jones


My friend Emily gave birth to this beautiful baby boy at 6:25 am Tuesday morning. The plan was that I would photograph this birth, however, things didn’t go as planed and baby Harris decided to make his entrance into the world before I could get there to catch it on film.


            8lbs 6oz, 22 inches long, and some killer dark hair!


            welcomed by Emily, Clay and big sister Evelyne



        Harris was born at the Puget Sound Birth Center in the very same room where Simon was born almost a year ago. It was a little odd to be back there but awesome to be a part of this very intimate moment. (And yes, Jennifer they have a REAL bed at the Birth Center – in my mind a prerequisite for any labor and delivery room). In the last photo Harris is having his newborn exam. Which is done right on the bed – baby never leaves mom, another big plus in my book.

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  1. I love the framing of that last shot. You can see a few details in the shot and the goings on. What a head of dark hair indeed. That’s something we’ll probably never have, I’m afraid all our kiddos are baldies.

  2. Oh my goodness, that hair! He is gorgeous.

  3. sophia

    i love the pictures of the family of four sitting in the bed together. that is precious. reminds me of playing board games with my parents and sister (before my brother was born) on their bed. but also, the pictures are beautiful in and of themselves, of course.
    the birth center sounds absolutely wonderful. i love that the baby stays with mom. that is so important. i’m glad simon was born there. i think he is going to grow up to be a truly exceptional adult because of all the wonderful care he is receiving from even before birth.