Leavenworth –

I am getting behind again on posting…

actually I kind of procrastinated on these because I ordered prints of some of these photos and I didn’t want my friends to see them. I am willing to bet that none of them will check this blog before I give them the photos though. In my imaginary world I am pretty popular and people read my blog all the time – I don’t think that reality is so kind.
I struggle where to post my "good" photos on this blog (when it relates to my life) or my photo blog. One day I would like to develop a real photo web site and then just have one blog for everything else….
These are the photos from two weekends ago taken at our small group weekend outing. Myles flew all the way back form Florida for this. We spent the day in Leavenworth and Wenatchee State park sledding – good times!

I had to use the timer to take this shot – its tricky to run back and forth between the group and camera in all that snow. I fell once and everyone laughed. Hudson thought it was pretty funny and pleaded "Do it again Emmie!"



Beautiful Christina and Danielle – I am very sorry that I did not get a good picture of Melissa (she had her hands full with Isabella) but I will catch her sometime soon.

Dsc_0251bw_1 Dsc_0266_1               

Brad and Danielle and Nick,  Melissa, and Isabella (who slept though the better part of the day)
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