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Whale Watching!

In May we went on a gray whale watching excursion with Victoria Clipper. Simon LOVES whales and we have read many many books about whales, watched whale wildlife shows, whale clips on youtube, drawn whales, and  pretended to be whales. His favorite whale is the narwhal. I don’t know what made me think of it but one day it occurred to me that there are probably whale sight seeing trips in the Puget Sound, after all I have seen orcas from the ferry. So I googled it and sure enough March through May gray whaled migrate north up the coast to the arctic and the folks on the Victoria Clipper are more than happy to take you to their favorite feeding spots so you can see them. I booked the tickets and waited a fee weeks to tell Simon. I told him “Next weekend we are going to go on a boat and see if we can see some whales” (I didn’t want to promise a whale sighting lest he be terribly disappointed) his response “YOU’RE KIDDING ME!!?” I assured him I was serious and then he asked “Will me see a narwhal?!” At that point I had to break it to him that no, we would not be leaving the Puget Sound and would only be seeing gray whales.

looking out the window as we cruised along

“mom! there are whales out there!”

the first thing we saw – stellar sea lions chillin’ on a buoy


she takes after her mom – she’s not exactly a rule follower…

we kept telling him the binoculars would work better if he turned them around but he likes to do things his way.

We saw a lot of this – gray whale tales… (hard to take pictures without a better zoom)




Grandma and Talia

we stopped in Coopeville for lunch – it was an extremely low tied which meant that sea stars and all sorts of treasures were exposed and we could touch them. So fun!


after lunch ice cream and beach combing

those are all muscles!

It was an incredible experience and I highly recommend it. In all we saw 2 gray whales (and followed them feeding for awhile), some harbor seals, harbor porpoises, and the stellar sea lions. We liked it so much that I think later this summer we might go on the Victoria Clipper orca watching cruise.


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