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The Fair (2011)

We didn’t go to the fair this year…
I love the idea of the fair  but in practice I find it sort of disappointing. These are photos from September 2011 that I never shared so I am posting them now. (Can you believe how little hair Talia had?!! – not like she has tons now but seriously!) In 2011 the Evergreen state fair did away with the petting zoo – that was the main attraction for toddlers so without it the fair is basically just an expensive parking lot carnival. Mostly the kids are to small to ride most of the rides and they are like $6 a pop anyway. By the time you have paid for parking and the entrance free  and buy food Disneyland is a better deal. So I think we are just going to do that instead.  When the Evergreen Fair brings back the petting zoo or has more attractions for younger kids we will consider going again. Despite all that we did have a good time. Myles parents and the Henderson’s went with us. Talia was really into the animals even though she couldn’t get in the pin with them.




Simon got to go on 2 rides, one with grandpa

Luna had her first taste of cotton candy


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