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Ice Cream Play-dough

I saw this activity on Play Create Explore blog and knew I would have to make it for the kids. One of their favorite pastimes is making “ice cream” with play-dough. What would be more fun than play-dough that actually looks like ice cream? And that’s the crazy part – it really really looks like ice cream. It’s just hair conditioner and corn starch with a little food coloring but it’s so convincing. It makes me wonder what else you could mix cornstarch with to get fantastic textures.

Simon helped me make the dough

We set up an invitation while Talia was sleeping.

She wasted no time getting bussy adding sprinkles

scooping ice cream 

Talia couldn’t resist she just had to taste it (it of course tasted like terrible soap) I had to help her wash her mouth after this. 

she soon discovered that the sprinkles I provided to decorate the ice cream were NOT fake and she ate a lot of those. 

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