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Blueberry Picking



I always get these wild ideas that it’s so romantic to cut your own Christmas tree or pick your own pumpkin, or (in this case) go to a you-pick blueberry farm. In my minds eye it’s a lot better adventure than it turns out to be. This time I got go pick about 8 cups of blueberries before the kids revolted. It POURED the rain, and we had had a very very dry summer so we needed the rain but of course that was the day I planned to go blueberry picking. We went anyway. The kids got very wet, I didn’t bring their rain pants but I did have the forethought to throw their rain coats in the car. Talia has grown like a weed these last few months so her coat sleeves are too short and her shoes are getting too small so she refused to wear them. But we managed to pick enough for a pie. We will try again!

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