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One of my favorite poses – Seattle Newborn Photographer




I am often called a “baby whisperer” by clients or asked about how I get babies into all the poses. I joke in my FAQ on my website that I use homeopathic chamomile and liquid melatonin.  The truth is it’s a lot about patience and creating and environment where babies are comfortable enough to sleep. Newborns naturally spend the majority of their day sleeping one just has to make sure their tummies are full and they are comfortable. DSC_2463.seattlenewbornphotograpy That being said the studio is not always the easiest sleeping environment, I keep it warm but there are the strobes and the camera clicking away. In addition I’m always moving the babies around so they rarely get into a deep deep sleep and just get to rest. My theory is that this is why babies tend to eat more during newborn sessions (because they burn more calories being resettled again after being moved and photographed).

DSC_2482.bwseattlenewbornphotograpy All that to say I LOVE it when I get a deep sleeper. These are the babies that move effortlessly from one pose to another. They are the exception not the norm. This little guy was one of those exceptions. He was a dream to photograph and I ended up with one of my favorite photos from his session. It’s currently on the front page of my website. I love this pose and I love it even more when babies are sleepy enough to drop one arm down and relax it. Total surrender to sleep! I have a really fun job photographing babies!

DSC_2519.1.bw.seattlenewbornphotograpy DSC_2539.seattlenewbornphotograpy

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One Comment

  1. betty

    you ARE a baby whisperer!! seriously, when i brought my twins in for you to photograph you took the most gorgeous pictures I could ever dream of having! This sleeping sweetheart looks wonderful too!! so thankful you posted this sweet baby boy!
    keep up the great work!