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10th aniversary

Well this is really over due but Myles and I celebrated our 10th anniversary August 9th 2013. I cannot believe how fast 10 years has gone. It seems like we just got married a couple of years ago and here we are with old chipped dishes (that were a new wedding present 10 years ago). To celebrate I surprised him with a ballon ride. (It was my turn to plan). We started with a picnic dinner and then met the balloon company at a winery and took off from there. The event included a wine tasting. It was lovely. Its been a wonderful 10 years and we look forward to at least 50 more!

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  1. I love this picture, but it doesn’t link to anything…is it supposed to?

  2. We have the same anniversary!

  3. Betty

    Yay for love!
    And marriage!
    And the Holy Spirit guiding us through each day.
    What lovely photos and a gorgeous evening!
    I just put the Albuquerque hot air balloon festival on our list of family vacation ideas this week! This really makeshift
    Want to go! Neat, neat!