Blast from the past

My blogging buddy Jewls from two peas in a bucket  challenged me to re-post a photo from the first 4 moths of blogging and tell the story behind it. So here it is.

Gavin and Owen from November of 2006

What I remember from this day was that it was freezing. And that we went out on the beach to take photos so it was even colder because of the cold breeze coming up off the water. We actually had to take a break and go into Tullys for some hot chocolate. Gavin (the baby) was the coldest and his nose turned bright red and I spent a lot of time in post production removing the red.

And here they are today.. all grown up.


These were taken November 2008 : ) – much much warmer this time around.


So now I am tagging 4 people and challenging them to do the same.  Val, Kelly, Lyndsay, and Amy

have fun!

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  1. you stinker!
    i just posted mine on my blog… the pics emily! 🙂

  2. Sophia

    what a beautiful family! and i love the blouse mom is wearing in the later pics. goes well with the background…

  3. Hmmm, although I do love the warm colors, I’m the weirdo that loves that freezing weather. Yea…I’m weird.