what happens when you let a baby play with your camera

so I didn’t really let him play with it. I just layed down on my back and held the camera for him. I let the camera select the focus points and then just let him play with the buttons. He loved it – he loves buttons. Especially when they do something.


I think my camera’s auto focus may be better than I am. I had to clean my lens after this – he put his grubbly little fingers all over it.

He is officially 16 months and he is such a sweet cuddly boy. He give loves all the time and even says “ahh” while he is hugging you and patting your back. The best though, is when he give you a kiss when you didn’t even ask for one. He has 3 molars now and is working on the 4th. He has been a much better sport about the molar teething then he was about the bottom front teeth, it just makes him want to chew on things. Tonight I was washing his face with a warm wash cloth and he decided that it would be a good thing to chew on – only he bit my finger too.

I started writing down his words and I am up to almost 50. He talks non-stop. Most of it I don’t understand but every once in a while in the middle of a sentence I will recognize a word. Usually “bubbles” or “truck” which are two of his favorite things. He calls everyone he loves “Mama”. Me, Myles, my mom, and himself. If you ask him “What is your name?” he points to his chest and says “Mama!”. But if you ask him “where is Daddy?” or “Where is Grandma?” he can point to the right person – even in a photograph. Now when he sees something the wants and he doesn’t know what it’s called he points and goes “eh, eh, eh, eh, eh” it’s really driving me crazy so I have been trying to teach him the ASL sign for “want” but it’s not working. So I have switched to trying to get him to just point and say “please” (he signs it and says “peas”)  but now he just points and says “eh, eh, eh, eh, eh” until I pick up the thing he wants and then he says “please” which I guess is some what of an improvement. If I can’t figure out what he wants I just start saying “eh, eh, eh, eh, eh” right along with him. The first time I did it he just looked at me like “What’s wrong with you?”. He is so good at communication that I think it really frustrates him when he doesn’t have a word or a sign for what he wants to say. This morning he signed “eat, eat” to me and I said “ok what do you want to eat?” and he signed “banana”. It’s like we have whole conversations now but they are a mixture of sign language and the words he does have. He is picking up new words and signs every day but I still think it will be awhile before he can describe what he see on a shelf or the counter and ask me if he can “please” play with it. In the mean time we are both learning to be more patient.

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  1. Alexandra

    He is so cute in the pictures! a lovely boy

  2. Wow! That may the youngest self-portraits ever! So fun!

  3. Oh, I am totally going to “steal” this idea and do my own version with Natey. Awesome idea. Do you scrapbook? This would make such a great page if you did. Even if not, you should print it and put it in his room somewhere and even have him sign the print.

  4. sophia

    i heard somewhere that when kids reach the “terrible twos” part of the reason they act up so much is that they are frustrated about not being able to say what’s on their mind. it’s cool that you are supplementing simon’s communication with sign language. i think you’re going to really enjoy his teen years, as his personality begins to “finalize.”

  5. Kay Weaver

    Grandma loves this photo shoot. Simon has a touch of his mother’s talent.

  6. awwww these are priceless! you have to hand him over the camera more often LOL! or let him push on the buttons to make him so happy and even more adorable!!! these are GREAT!!!
    My daughter was a jabber jaws at that age also and was speaking sentences by 18 months so LOOK OUT! you are in for it!!!