Simon’s push cart

I picked up this push cart for Simon at IKEA. (It is not weighted properly so I had to some bricks in the cart part.) Simon really loves it and pushes it up and down the hallway about 20 times a day. He can’t turn it so when he gets to the end of the hall he just shakes the handle until I come turn it for him.  He is so cute that I took a video.

That’s how Simon plays with it. And this is how his dad plays with it.


Simon likes being pushed on the cart so much that he cries whenever you stop.

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  1. I may be telling you something you already know – sorry if I am – but you can tighten the wheels on those so that it doesn’t roll as fast. Makes it easier for the littler ones. Our kids loved this too!

  2. Nia

    OMG, How do you not kiss that sweet face all day! I LOVE the little giggle in the middle of the video. I have to watch the video again just to see it again 😀

  3. oh my word, Daddy and Simon made me laugh so hard, seeing Simon’s whizzing smile go by! And the first TOTALLY made me flash back to last year when Lacy was learning how to walk. She too could not turn her toy around for a while and always wanted to walk and push, but that meant mommy was always following her so I could turn her around. I also have a photo of her baby-signing ‘please’ for me to ‘please help’ turn her around:) Here are a set of photos from that time. If you click the left photo, you will get the rest of them:) Fun times! Glad you got some videos and thanks for sharing.

  4. Faye

    I had to watch it twice too, he’s so cute. Thanks for sharing his latest.

  5. Love,love,love the memories captured here. What a cutie pie.

  6. sophia

    mega-cute!! and simon’s laugh! oh, too adorable. . .

  7. Oh my goodness…I love the videos. So much fun to see your handsome little man in motion. He looks like he his having so much fun in both videos. Thanks for sharing.