1. Emily..first of all, is it silly that I noticed your sweater? I LOVE it and must know where you got it.
    That last one of Simon is so Leah and so adorable!!! What a blast that must have been.

  2. HA! Heather, my Sweater was from target. That’s where I get most of my clothes. Myles and Simon get the nice stuff from Janie and Jack and Nordstroms but I think my entire outfit was from target – down to the shoes which gave me horrible blisters.

  3. well, if it’s silly heather noticed your sweater, maybe I am silly to notice the adorable flats you were wearing:) Bummer they gave you blisters…beauty is pain, beauty is pain…haha…KIDDING! But, I did think props to you for such great coordinated and styled family outfits. Not matching, which Eddy HATES, but you all were tied together so nicely and so stylishly! (is that even a word?:)
    AND…I too get most of my clothes from Target! And, also I hit the outlet mall just a 1/2hr from our house that I pass every time I go to my parents house, which is ALL the time:)
    Then…love the photos…can’t wait for more! When do you think we will get to see the rest? Leah is great, love her photos.
    BTW…a new lens IS in the near future for me…I can’t wait!! I am going to be refreshing so hopefully I can take some semi-decent Christmas portraits. I LOVE the dress I got for Lacy, classic dressy…I will email you the link.