Happy Independence Day!

We had a wonderful relaxing day filled with watermelon, hamburgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, sparklers, firecrackers, and swimming. It was definitely one of those iconic summer days. This morning we watched the parade and followed that up with a visit to the rebel camp and burgers and shakes at the local drive in. (In Bothell the reenact the battle of Concorde and the rebel army sets up camp at our local park.) Here are just a few snaps from our day (in no particular order).

Simon with his first sparkler and the neighborhood fireworks (these guys go all out).


Simon watching the parade from daddy’s shoulders, and the red coats.


Yes, we bought the giant inflatable kiddy pool from costco (with a slide). And yes, I fill it with warm water by hooking the hose up to the kitchen sink. This pool is big enough for a couple of adults and several kids so Myles and I have been enjoying it too. Simon loves it and I think I am successfully raising a kid who knows no fear of the water. He doesn’t mind getting his face wet at all or dunking.



It was sunny and in the 80s (hot for us) and despite the application of a lot of sun screen we are all a bit tanner.

I hope everyone had as relaxing of a day celebrating our freedom.

until next time


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One Comment

  1. Rane dae

    So sweet! Sounds like a wonderful day for all of you!