Baby Chicks

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We added 5 more chicks to our flock and the kids are having a blast with them.¬† Ivy and Olive came over last week to play with them.     Talia is REALLY into this. She quickly learned the work … Continue reading

Blacklight dinner

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I think we have a new October tradition! inspired by all of the Halloween decorations and Play at Home Mom, we decided to have dinner by blacklight. I picked up these blacklights for $10 each at Walmart. Yes, I’m admitting … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Myles!

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a little bit more low key than last year. Myles requested grasshopper pie. The last time I made this I used a recipe that involved pureed avocado. This time he specifically requested avocado free grasshopper pie… After we sang, ate, … Continue reading

butterfly garden

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last year a bunch of my photographer friends were making these really cool butterfly aquariums. They would just catch caterpillars out in their yards and then make them comfy little homes inside a fish tank or similar enclosure filled with … Continue reading

My crazy cute kids

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that’s what his hair looks like directly after nap. I’m not cutting it until the end of the summer. I’m afraid that this is the last of the curls My Portfolio | Contact Me | Follow Me @emilyWbrown | “like … Continue reading

Talia Eats!

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Talia has been carefully studying how we eat and watching intently as we put food into our mouths so we thought that she might be ready to eating herself. She can sit up quite well on her own now but … Continue reading

peep jousting…

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I went to Whole Foods today and lo and behold!… they have “natural” peeps. I couldn’t believe it. So of course I had to purchase them and teach Simon they joy of peep jousting. Simon instinctively knew that they were … Continue reading