This past week we have been in Aberdeen Idaho visiting Myles’s parents. Right now it’s sugar beet harvest and Simon got in on a lot of the action. That kid now knows how to say “John Deere!” I have a lot of photos but I thought I would just share a few right now.


Here is Simon getting a tractor ride. My Father-in-law (Neil) was plowing up the field in preparation for planing winter wheat. Seagulls love the freshly turned worm ladened earth.


I tried to get a picture of Simon standing in one of the Tractor wheel wells but he would have none of it.


This is my Brother-in-Law Greg feeding his cows. He has quite a few that are out on open range but these four are the ones that they are keeping for themselves, friends, and family. They will be butchered as soon as they reach weight but right now Greg is “grain finishing” them. They have access to as much grass as they like but Greg also gives them 3-10lbs of barley and corn mixed with molasses each day. This barley, corn mixture helps them put on fat and puts that nice marbling in meat that we all love.

I have a lot more pictures of them actually harvesting sugar beets but I thought I would save thoes for their own post. When most people find out that my husband grew up on a farm they want to know what kind of farm. When I tell them sugar beets their next question is always “what’s a sugar beet?”. Odds are that if you have eaten any table sugar or any product made with sugar you have eaten sugar beets and not even known it. I didn’t know what sugar beets were before I met Myles so don’t feel bad! They are really nothing like the red, yellow, and orange beets that we enjoy all summer. But yeah, bassicaly I married Dwight.

More to come soon!


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  1. Debbie Billingsley

    Love your pictures! Boise is my howetown. Have you ever smelled the sugar beet factory in Nampa? 🙂 I didn’t know sugar came from sugar beets before I lived here either. My husband and I are going to try a new challenge. We can only eat what is grown within a 100 mile radius of our home. Shouldn’t be too difficult but I’ll miss things like citrus and coffee! Good thing we have the sugar beet factory and cheese factory and lots of potatoes. Now what can I make with all of that!

  2. Eric S

    So the Browns are a John Deere family, eh? When I did Young Life in Moscow I liked to talk to teenagers about the tractor preferences of their family farms – some swear by John Deere, others nothing but Case-IH. Very much like a Chevy-Ford thing.