Farmer Brown

“Farmer Brown” was one of Myles’s nicknames back in high school.
Here are a few of my photos – Simon experiencing farm life for the first time.

Simon (5 months) getting his first tractor ride with Grandpa. Myles was quick to point out that this is not a “real” tractor only a rototiller. My response “whatever.”

Simon’s pediatrician says that his foot looks good, no sign of infection. She prescribed Silvadene (Silver Sulfadiazine cream) for him. I have to
wash his foot with anti bacterial soap and apply the cream twice a day. It is a real fun job (note the sarcasm in my voice).  The anti-bacterial soap must sting because he cries while I do it. And since he can roll over quite well now he usually spends the entire foot washing procedure trying to roll away from me. Also he is not supposed to get any sun on the new skin as it is repairing so I guess he is going to be the only kid on the beach wearing socks. (We leave for California on Tuesday.)


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  1. oh yes, i am very familiar with SYlvadene…or however it’s spelled…i had to apply that on my husbands hands/arms after he was burned…it works AWESOME! i have two jars of it left and keep it on hand incase of any more burns…..i think his burn has me paranoid now!
    take care and have fun on the beach!

  2. Wow, Myles looks like his dad!
    We had friends over a few years ago. The dad set his cup of coffee down and the baby crawled over, stuck her hand in the cup and spilled it. The dad grabbed the baby and ran her hand under cold water…it blistered immediately. I had no idea coffee could be that hot! Oh, and on the same visit their four year old son peed his pants (and soaked our carpet) and the baby puked…on the carpet. It was kind of a bad evening for them 🙂

  3. Faye

    This is one of the best pictures ever! I don’t know who looks more pleased with themselves Simon or grandpa.

  4. Kay Weaver

    I love this picture of Grampa Brown and Simon. It is was so good to see the relationship between them.