A not so plesent ending to a very nice vacation : (

First let me say that sweet Simon is OK but he had a very negative learning experience about the force or gravity and heat transfer via conduction.

Tuesday evening we had dinner with Myles cousin Brad and his wife Ashley. They grilled up some mean steaks and we had a great time visiting with them and meeting their 8 week old daughter Autumn. After dinner we were standing around visiting in their kitchen as Ashley served up some delicious looking angel food cake with fresh berries. Myles was sipping coffee while supporting Simon as he sat on their kitchen island. Myles sat down his coffee in a location that he thought was out of reach to Simon, in fact when Simon attempted to get at it Myles moved it even further away. However Simon who as of late has been very interested in anything we are eating or drinking lunged for the coffee and spilled it.  Most of the coffee landed on his right foot. I watched in horror as my sweet baby’s face contorted in anguish. We immediately removed his sock and ran his foot under cold water and put ice on it but nothing would comfort him. He screamed like I have never heard him scream before. Ashley very kindly drove to the neighbor’s (and I use the term “neighbor” loosely as this is farm country) for some children’s tylenol. The burn covered most of his foot and Simon continued to scream and thrash and would not be consoled so we debated driving the hour to the nearest hospital. We opted to page our pediatrician who called us right back. She had Myles describe the burn and said it was not necessary to go to the emergency room. She advised us to put some tipple antibiotic ointment on it and to wrap his foot in a clean cotton sock and try to keep from popping the blister. We did that and then I held him until he screamed himself to sleep. It was an agonizing hour and a half worth of screaming on Simon’s part and I also cried a good deal. It is so horrible to see your baby in pain and not to be able to do anything about it. Simon slept that night on Myles’s chest which he has not done since he was a month old. The next morning he seemed OK other then being very clingy and wanting to nurse a lot. We packed up and headed home stopping for a dinner break with some Friends in Boise. I wanted to drive through the night while Simon slept but he was having none of that and refused to sleep or be in his car seat any longer. We stopped at a rest stop and spent a good amount of time trying to get him to fall asleep but he wouldn’t. We finally gave in and got a hotel room for the night. We spent the rest of today driving home, stopping every 2 hours to give him a break. First thing tomorrow morning he has a Drs. appointment. I am hoping that it does not scar too badly.

Here is a photo of his poor little foot.
lesson learned, hot drinks and babies do not mix!

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  1. Faye

    I am fighting back tears as I read this and see his little foot. I know he will heal just fine though. We had an old pot-bellied stove that heated our house as a child and I think every one of us got a good burn on it before we learned about how hot hot is. He’s still on the young side to put the association together yet. Praise God that it was no more than this.

  2. oh man. now that just SUCKS!
    i am so sorry you had to go through that.
    burns are VERY VERY Scary! i know first hand! my husband was burned last year badly enough to be in the ICU burn unit…scary stuff!
    and it’s amazing how it doesn’t look like much at first and then it looks HORRIFIC after a little time goes by…..hope he heels nicely!

  3. I’m so sorry you guys had to go through that! It seems like it was probably more painful for you and Myles than for Simon. I am glad to hear that you were able to get in touch with your pediatrician and she could tell you what to do. I’m sure Simon will be fine and I hope you are not too traumatized. You are excellent parents and Simon will remember that long after he forgets the burn.

  4. Jessie Tripp

    We will be praying for his little foot to heal quickly and peace for mom and dad.

  5. Cara

    OH EM, that is Awful…what an unfortunate accident!
    you will be amazed at how well our little buggers heal! I can almost guarantee with good feeling that Simon will not have a scar….