Sweet Adelaide

too sweet for words : )
Just 10 months old and already walking.


Lyndsay tagged me with a “You Make My Day” Award.  Awful nice of her : ) Now I get to name 10 people whose blogs inspire me and make my day. Here are the Rules:  ““Give the award to up to 10 people
whose blogs bring you happiness and
inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! (leave them a
comment on their blog to let them know ) Beware! You may get the award
several times!”

Here are my 10

A Bakers’s Dozen
Jordan Krogman
thompson family life
Troop Tofslie
Tara Pollard Pakosta
Jodie Otte

fancy pants
Leah Profancik

Teya Photo
Brenda Acuncius

Today is a good day because Coldplay  released their new album : )

However, notice that Seattle is suspiciously missing from their tour schedule… have they forgotten where they got their start?

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  1. LOVE this set Emily. And what an adorable little one! I walked at 9 months and when Lacy turned 9 months I could NOT think of my baby walking at that age!!! It’s SO amazing to me to see such young little walkers…and goodness she is SUCH a cutie. Nice work…as usual.

  2. thanks! i listed mine too!
    i didn’t list you because the list came
    from you! but of course i ADORE your blog
    and LOVE coming here daily to see your gorgeous photos!!!!!!!