Happy Father’s Day!

Myles’ First fathers day : )
So what do you do on the first sunny Saturday after a month of rain?… you have a photo shoot of course (I will share those photos soon). But after the work is done you can play! We celebrated Father’s day a bit early with a bike ride. Myles loves biking so for father’s Day Simon and I got him a bike trailer so the whole family could participate in the fun.

Here is Simon ready for his first bike ride.
As you can see neither of my guys were being too cooperative for the camera. These are the ‘lets-get-on-with-it-and-stop-messing-around-with-photos’ pre-ride faces.
My friend Kelly came over and we rode all the way out to the Redhook brewery and back. boy am I pooped! I am really out of shape and riding up our hill is killer.

taken after we returned home, I could barely stand up. Simon seemed to enjoy the ride once we got moving. He stayed awake for awhile but then fell asleep.  We can’t wait to do it again.


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  1. What a cute photo shoot. Your little guys is absolutely one of the cutest babies ever. I love reading up on you guys. Happy Father’s Day Miles. Dalton and Lori Young.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the collage! You win a “Make My Day” award…check out my blog for details 😉

  3. GREAT idea:) I have seen some like these on 2peas, but this is by far my fav…nice! Looks like you had a good one!