Who moved my baby?

Pardon the lack of post and the following snap shots but we have been busy!

Simon has this play mat thing. It’s usually good for about 10 – 15 min of entertainment. The other day I plopped Simon down in the middle and ran to get some laundry done (a chore that is hard to do with him in the sling) .

I put him down on the mat like this

when I came back he was almost off the mat.


He is very close to rolling over from back to front (we know he can roll the other way). I have seen him almost do it several times. Now I am a little suspicious that he is doing it behind my back. Look at little innocent face though it’s almost like he is saying “what mom you left me just like this.”

in other news  we went to Jack’s  party, Simon had such a great time he fell asleep!
you can see video of him here on  Jack’s blog.

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  1. hahaha…too funny! It’s amazing how they so quickly begin doing things. I am always taken aback by how many times Lacy catches me off guard doing new things…I too, loved Simon’s face!

  2. Emily Teagan does the same thing. He’s about to be on the move big time I think! Sometimes I think that kid is on a lazy susan cause he does 360’s!!

  3. ps – I also wanted to tell you that I subscribe to your blog from that thingy up on your sidebar and when I open the email this morning the photos were super saturated and all wonky, but when I view them here they are all nice and pretty. Just thought you might want to know!

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I have gone through the whole, who moved my baby, with every one of mine. On day you can put them down and know they’ll be there when you get back, the next day, its all over. Just wait until you walk into his room one day and finding him standing in his crib!