A wink and a smile… sort of

These are from today – you can see how big he is getting.  I am guess he is close to 10 lbs – we have to wait until Tuesday to find out.


I have been trying and trying to capture Simon smiling on camera and I have come to the determination that I can’t be the one trying to get him to smile and also take the photo. Sure he will smile lots for me when there is no camera in sight but every time I pull the camera in front of my face he stops smiling. Like in the above image – I think he is thinking “hey! where did mom go?” But today I finally got the tail end of a smile. He closed his right eye but I think it is kind of sweet.

so there you have it – proof that he does indeed smile.

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  1. oh, yes…still way, way cute! And 10 lbs!! You can really tell he has grown, his little face is filling out oh so cutely!

  2. Kay Weaver

    It’s like the jokes on you mom. Simon sure looks good in blue. I think the lighting on his face is very good.